Meet the Artist: M. Fitz

One of our most prolific artists, M. Fitz is a Philly-native graphic designer and illustrator known for his realistic forms, remarkable attention to detail and a distinctive flair for the fantastic. After receiving a degree in art from Temple University, he has continued to experiment with a variety of artistic techniques while drawing inspiration from sports, movies, comics and other artists.

Wade Close Up

Notice how M. Fitz's attention to detail creates an unmistakable likeness, highlighted here in his Dwyane Wade Legacy Print.

Stadium Series Composition

The unique compositions and unusual perspectives make each piece of art memorable and engaging, each time you look.

Giannis Close Up

M. Fitz's creative use of lines, color, and dimension give the subjects of his art a sense of movement that can't be ignored.

Easter Egg

Maybe the most fun part of owning a print from M. Fitz is discovering the "Easter Eggs" (fun extras that take some careful inspection to uncover)hidden in each print.

We can't wait to see what M. Fitz's does next!

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